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Take The Long View Of Investment
You are in this for the long term, so do not make frequent trades, the commission will eat into your funds. Do not follow fads and fashions. Diversify in a sensible way. Do not panic when markets occasionally crash, these are buying opportunities for the brave.

Local Forex Markets

  • USD - GHS

    SELLING » 4.2833
    BUYING » 4.2791
  • GBP - GHS

    SELLING » 6.7445
    BUYING » 6.7357
  • EUR - GHS

    SELLING » 4.7445
    BUYING » 4.7863
  • JPY - GHS

    SELLING » 0.0346
    BUYING » 0.0346

Products & Services

  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services

    GLICO FINANCIAL's Corporate Finance Advisory Team set itself apart through our professional expertise ... Read more
  • Valuation of Companies

    Valuation is a controversial and complex subject, requiring an in-depth understanding of key business dynamics and underlying value drivers. Read more
  • Fund Management Services

    GLICO FINANCIAL believes that a diversified investment portfolio utilizing Government of Ghana Bills and Notes, Stocks, Bonds, Commercial Paper Read more
  • Mergers and Acquisition Advisory

    In evaluating your strategic options, whether you are seeking to expand your business through an acquisition, realise value either through a disposal or restructuring, Read more


GLICO FINANCIAL is a specialist Fund and Asset Management company of the GLICO GROUP with GLICO Life Insurance Company as the majority shareholder. It was incorporated in April 2003 and registered as an investment advisory firm under the Securities Industry Law PNDCL 333 and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to carry out business as an Investment Advisor.

Through sound and prudent business management practices, backed by commitment to innovation, integration and provision of excellent products and services, the GLICO brand / family of which GLICO FINANCIAL belongs to, continues to meet the needs of our customers promptly and professionally, including prompt claims payment over the years.

Local Fixed Income Market (%)

  • SecurityPrevCurrChange
  • 90 day bill12.0012.000.00
  • 182 day bill13.2011.20-2.00
  • See all rates

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